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Hello to all VPA members,

   We have a exciting show planned for this year. 
VPA will have a PHBA sanctioned show on Friday September 5th, we have joined East Coast Palomino Championship (ECPC) in this year's September show,   ECPC will run Saturday 6th and Sunday the 7th for a full weekend of show fun.
Special Thank You's
   We want to send out a special thank you again to Kelly Crary for continuing to manage VPA's website. Please check the website now and then for any show updates, point standings, forms, officer's information.  Or any fundraisers the club is doing.
   We would also like to thank Old Dominion Show Series for having PHBA sanctioned shows again this year.
  Thank you to Aisling Farm for having a PHBA sanctioned show in October 2013, we have not heard yet but we hope they will have another in 2014.
   PHBA National Convention will be held March 12th -15th in Tulsa, OK. There will be a Benefit Auction.VPA & ODSS are donating 2 show packages.
   One package for the September show for all 9 judges, free entry to all judges, 1 horse/rider combination in any one division, 1 stall at no cost.
   One for Old Dominion Show Series to be used at any 2014 ODSS show, 1 horse/rider combination in any one division. Does not include office or drug fees.
   You may bid on the packages by contacting me at 434-480-0444.
   When I return from the convention I will pass on any news or highlights.

                                                                        Ralph Manue